4 Jul 2017

∞ (Jar in a Brain)

I jarred my brain.
I took it from a body no longer of use to me,
the only liberation to be had after nude portraiture.
My leftovers converted to fertiliser
feed a grove of olive trees; now
I’m a bio-mechanical trans-human organism
free-floating on the internet debating
with politician, plebeian, philosopher and fool
my status as human in the eight languages
I’ve since become fluent in, inhabiting
transient enclaves to evade unmodified techno-anarchists
who proclaim on streets concrete and digital that mind and body
separated is immoral to the nth.
To be eyeless and see all!
I’m going to live forever.
I’ll now use my final I
and become one with reality.
I have one final request to make of you, corporeal comrades:
don’t knock over this jar—
my brain’s in it.